Wellness Menus

Good nutrition should not only be for the times when we find ourselves ill or our doctor has put us on a diet. Everyday healthy eating should be a practical skill, so there is never a need to have to go on a diet. NutriPledge is now offering general healthy meal plans for both standards and vegetarian diets to help you eat healthy at an affordable price. These meal plans are designed to help an average person eat a nutrient-rich diet within certain calorie levels to promote a healthy body weight and good health. Please note that your daily caloric and nutrient requirements may be different, so please consult with your health care provide before following a meal plan. Please visit our Medical Nutrition Therapy service section for a customized nutrition plan to meet your personal medical needs to help you improve your health and wellness!

Our menus are based on the following standards and guiding principles:

  • Carb consistent to promote healthy weight, healthy heart and healthy blood sugars.
  • Meet national dietary regulatory standards for the United States.
  • Provide a world of taste and flavor with dietary diversity. Comes with standard and vegetarian menu choices with various calorie levels to better meet one’s needs.
  • Based on seasonable foods for better health, a better planet and better value.
  • Nutrient distribution is based on approximately 50% total carbohydrates, 20% total protein, and 30% total fat.
  • Provide three meals and one snack option of your choice with a healthy balance of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat.
  • Provide daily average of about 25-30-grams of total dietary fiber, no more than 2300 mg sodium, 10% saturated fat, 300 mg cholesterol and 10% added sugars.
  • All meals are balanced in calories, healthy carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fibers and other health promoting micronutrients.
  • Diabetic friendly, heart healthy and promotes weight management and disease prevention.
  • Menu food items come with an allied recipe.
  • Our recipes are modified to follow Ayurvedic (an ancient holistic science of healing) food combining principles and use a variety of herbs and spices to enhance flavor, therapeutic value of the food and digestive health.
  • Our recipes are uniquely rated with a colored dot to help you eat healthy.
  • Green dot food items provide you a freedom to eat beyond its serving size.

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INSTITUTIONS: We can provide a seasonal four-cycle, professionally done menus incompliance with national dietary standards and regulatory. Our menus are built with a Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) medical diet spread sheet to help you serve different calorie levels andother therapeutic medical diets. Our menus also accompany delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare therapeutic recipes, prep tips and weekly grocery list for your convenience.

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