Why did they label it “Apple” instead of “Apple Fritters”?

Why did they label it “Apple” instead of “Apple Fritters”?

Being a registered dietitian nutritionist and foodie, my eyes are always on all kinds of foods in the marketplace. Like any other human being with a sweet tooth, I also get tempted to try these seasonal and festive treats. An apple sticker on a box of apple fritters tempted me, and my immediate psychological thought was that, this food would be a little healthier than other sugar loaded products in this food section. I did not have my reading glasses handy and did not want to go through the pain of looking through the nutrition label (which was on the other side of the box in very fine prints) in front of the other shoppers who also seemed to be trying hard to get through the grocery store as efficiently as possible. My mental comfort was the fresh apple sticker, even though I knew fully that I bought sugar, flours and fat with some apple cooked to death within it.  I also thought it may be worthwhile to bring a smile on my teenager’s face when I served this to him for an after-school snack with a cup of milk. But I was wrong, he was so overwhelmed with the amount of sugar and grease in it and could not believe that his dietitian and health conscious mother bought this food for him☹  

Then me disappointed mother and a dietitian decided to put this food into test through our Food Coach. I took out my reading glasses, put the box upside down to see the nutrition facts and was disappointed to not have actual nutrition information on the box except a hand full list of ingredients and substances that were used to make this product. That forced me to do some more research on the apple fritter recipes and product and gathered some information on this seasonal sensation. I was able to get some generic nutrition information on My fitness pal (https://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/apple-fritter-857812403) then I ran that information through our Food Coach app. I hope below results will help you making your own decision if you also get tricked by the fresh apple sticker on this high calorie, high fat apple fritter product.  

NutriPledge Food Rating:  Red Dot | Watch Out Food  

This food seem to have these healthy qualities that may have positive health effects if consumed rightfully!

  • Healthy balance of saturated fat per serving
  • Healthy balance of sodium
  • Healthy balance of total carbohydrates per serving
  • Healthy balance of added sugars per serving
  • Great source of iron

However, this food was rated as a Red Dot food due to having following unhealthy qualities that may have negative health effects if consumed unconsciously! 

  • High in calories per serving
  • High in total fat per serving
  • Low in fiber per serving
  • Multiple added ingredients
  • Contains artificial flavor and or color

Also please beware that this food-

  • Seems low in protein for its calorie level.
  • Is not a significant source of Calcium. Make sure you get this nutrient in your diet from other healthy food sources.
  • Is not a significant source of Vitamin D. Make sure you get this nutrient in your diet from other healthy food sources and some sunlight exposure as appropriate.
  • Is not a significant source of Potassium. Make sure you get this nutrient in your diet from other healthy food sources.

Conclusion: This food may be incorporated into your meal plan but should be consumed with caution to be in balance with your daily caloric and nutrients need. As one serving of Apple fritter could be equivalent to a full meal depending upon your daily caloric needs. Visit MyPlate.Gov for food group servings recommendations for your age and gender.  

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