Water Enhancers – Food Talk Friday

Water Enhancers – Food Talk Friday

We all tend to get bored of plain water once in a while. When we do we tend to reach for a more flavorful option, weather that be a juice, soda or another sweetened beverage. Lately people have been looking to ‘water enhancers’ as a “healthier alternative”.

Water enhancers come in a slew of flavors and brands, you are bound to find one that’s to your liking. However, while they can add flavor to your so called boring water, are low calorie and can at times be a good way to increase water consumption. There are still things to be mindful of when consuming water enhancers. 

Tips & Recommendations for Water Enhancers

It is recommended to get 64 oz of water. If having a little flavor once in a while on top of your daily intake helps you get more water in, rather than a sugar sweetened beverage, then by all means enjoy it in moderation. However do be aware that water enhancers can have false claims and or have hidden ingredients in the fine print. It is important to be aware of what you are consuming with any product. 

Some of the ingredients to be aware of are: 

  • Caffeine 
  • Electrolyte claims (sodium is the major component of electrolytes and is most often lost in sweat – If there is not a significant amount of sodium it is most likely not going to be a sufficient electrolyte)
  • Vitamin claims
  • Artificial sweeteners 

Overall, water enhancers are a great flavor boost in moderation as is anything else. But, it is recommended to consume your 64 oz of water daily to get the most bang for your buck. We suggest trying the addition of fresh fruit, for a natural flavor boost.

For more pros and cons of the water enhancer Mio head to this link –> here.

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