Veggie Chickpea Salad with Cranberries

Veggie Chickpea Salad with Cranberries

This super healthy veggie salad is delicious, nutritious, and very filling. It can be prepared in 5 minutes for a quick lunch at home or packed into a go-to meal. If you happen to be a vegan, you can skip feta cheese, but I don’t mind adding a little bit of feta cheese for flavor as long as I am not killing a cow. This is how you make this salad.


Preparation Instructions:

Open the can and drain the chickpeas. Wash all the veggies and cut them into bite-size pieces. In a medium-sized bowl, combine all the ingredients. Serve the salad on romaine lettuce leaves for beauty and fun eating.

Notes: I also used a little cucumber pickle water to enhance the flavor, which is not included in the ingredient list. But if you follow a low-sodium diet, then skip that.

You can print this recipe card directly here!


This delicious salad is rated as a yellow dot, healthy balanced food in NutriPledge’s food rating system due to the following healthy qualities that are known to promote positive health and well-being if consumed as a part of a healthy diet.

  • Moderate in calories per serving
  • A Healthy balance of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and dietary fiber
  • A healthy balance of sodium
  • An excellent source of fiber, Vitamin C, and Manganese
  • A great source of iron and potassium
  • No food additives, artificial flavor, or color


This super healthy salad is a great balance of healthy carbs, protein, fat and dietary fiber. Each serving also provides about 90 grams of Vitamin C (100% daily value), 14-gram fiber (~ 50 % daily value), and 2 mg of Maganese (88% of daily value). Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from free radicals and can protect you from diseases. Similarly, a high-fiber diet can help lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugars, and may prevent intestinal cancer. Chickpeas are packed with many health-promoting nutrients. Its high protein content makes it an excellent replacement for meat.