Tips to not gain weight during Covid-19

Tips to not gain weight during Covid-19
  • Plan your meals/groceries around fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans & lentils, eggs, and low fat dairy based on the availability.  
  • Avoid processed boxed foods. Take this opportunity to try some home cooked meals. Cooking at home is the healthiest way to eat, since you can control added fat, sugar, and salt in your recipes.
  • Avoid deep fried recipes. Instead, look for sautéed, broiled, or steamed recipes. Simple salads can also be a healthy and light meal.  
  • Plan three small balanced meals and no snacking in between. Or, Two balanced meals with one snack in between.
  • Start your morning with a cup of lemon water, fresh orange or orange juice to give you an immune boost.
  • Try to keep a 4- 6-hour gap between meals and snacking.
  • Plan daily activity of at least 30 minutes, according to your health conditions.  
  • Do not do stress/bored eating – instead, look to a hobby or activity when free time comes up.  
  • If you have a comfort food recipe, let us know! We can analyze it for its health rating, and help you modify the recipe to make it healthier.
  • If you purchased a boxed food and need to know the health rating of that food, you can analyze on our Food Coach for FREE (you just need to register/sign in).
  • Green and yellow dot foods will make the healthiest snacks
  • Green-Yellow dot foods will make a healthy meal
  • Watch out about Red dot foods. Be mindful about the unhealthy qualities of Red Dot Foods and decide according to your health needs

*If you have any health conditions or have a food and nutrition related question then feel free to contact us for a FREE 15 -minute consultation!

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