Therapeutic Thursday Recipe: Kumquat Arugula Salad!

Therapeutic Thursday Recipe: Kumquat Arugula Salad!

Kumquats haven’t won any fruit popularity contests recently,

but this salad may change that!

Kumquats are essentially small, tart citrus fruits with bold flavor and bold nutrients to match.  The whole fruit, peel and all, are edible once you remove the seeds.  Simply clean them and enjoy or get creative with this inspiring recipe and enjoy them as an addition. Kumquats provide many health benefits due to their richness in  essential oils, fiber, vitamin C and Vitamin A.  Moderate amount of  calories and carbs in this recipe along with fiber combined with moderate amount of fat and protein may help regulate blood sugars and promote weight loss if consumed in adequate portions as a part of healthy diet. Access full recipe card here.

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