Sweet Potato Smoothie With Oat Milk

Sweet Potato Smoothie With Oat Milk

Sweet potatoes are a highly nutritious and tasty vegetable that has the power to satisfy our sweet cravings, nourish our body, satiate our hunger and keep our blood sugars in check all at the same time. They are a starchy root vegetable, which means they are high in carbohydrates that impart distinct sweetness. But this is not necessarily a downside because the carbohydrates come fused with both soluble and insoluble fiber and a myriad of vitamins and minerals that only boost its nutritional value. The dietary fiber in sweet potatoes absorbs water, softens stools, and keeps the gut bacteria healthy and strong.

Moreover, the rich orange-red hue of sweet potatoes indicates the intensity of beta carotene, which is a precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A not only serves as an excellent antioxidant and is also of significant importance for eye health.

This nutrient-dense Sweet Potato Smoothie can be a great addition to any meal. Either you are looking for a quick healthy breakfast meal or on the go. This is how you make this healthy and delicious smoothie!


1. Wash the sweet potato thoroughly and place it on a lined baking sheet pan. Poke holes with a fork and bake it at 425F for 30-40 mins until tender. You can also cook sweet potatoes in the microwave. *Note: Sweet potatoes needs to be cooked and refrigerate in advance. Smoothie tastes better with chilled sweet potatoes!

2· Measure about 1 cup of sweet potato, put it in a blender, and add the rest of the ingredients.

3· Blend it all together until smooth and sprinkle some cinnamon on top as garnish!

Prep. Tip: Sweet potato needs to be baked ahead of time, peeled, and chilled in the refrigerator for later use. You can keep cooked sweet potatoes in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. We used leftover sweet potato fries for this recipe.

This recipes uses oat milk but you can use any fortified milk. Remember nutrients will vary depending upon the kind of milk you have used.

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NutriPledge Food Rating and Therapeutic Health Benefits:

This recipe is rated as a Green-Yellow dot in our food rating system (Food Coach) which means this recipe has enough calories per suggested serving to Make a Healthy Meal Replacement due to the following healthy qualities which are known to promote positive health and wellbeing if consumed as a part of healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Moderate in calories per serving
  • A healthy balance of fat, sodium, carbohydrates, and added sugars
  • Low in saturated fats and contain zero trans fats.
  • Excellent source of calcium (45% DV), Iron (30% DV), potassium (25% DV)
  • Great source of Vitamin D (~20% DV)
  • No artificial flavor or color
  • Gut healthy and bones healthy

Health Benefits:

This smoothie is an excellent balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat and dietary fiber. It also provides many health-promoting micronutrients and compounds.  One serving will meet about 1 cup daily dairy needs) and 1 cup of daily vegetable needs. It also provides about 45% of daily calcium, Vitamin D (20% DV), vitamin A (154% DV), and B12 (34% DV), and phosphorus (35% DV). Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D are essential nutrients for bone health.  Adding inulin fiber from chicory roots may further promote gut health and strengthen bones. This recipe is additionally rich in Vitamins A (154% DV) and C (32% DV). These vitamins function as powerful antioxidants and boost immunity. Cinnamon also gives a nutritious boost to the recipe as it is also known for its prebiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and blood sugar-regulating properties. 

Dietitian Nutritionist Recommendation:

Replacing this healthy and delicious smoothie with any meal in your diet can improve your overall health and wellness in many ways. It may help you with your weight loss efforts by providing you adequate calories and keeping you full due to its high fiber and protein content. It will also help maintain blood sugars, reduce inflammation in the body, boost immunity due to being rich in so many other health-promoting micronutrients and compounds.


Disclaimer: Please note that this page is not medical advice. This can only be used as general guidance to a healthy and balanced diet for your health and wellness. This food does not ensure an adequate or inadequate and safe level of intake for a single person. Please consult your health care provider and check out our Medical Nutrition Therapy services for the diet plan that is right for you!

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*This recipe page was reviewed and edited by Shraddha Chaubey, MS, RDN, LDN/CDN