RIND Kiwi Chips Health Rating

RIND Kiwi Chips Health Rating

Dietitian’s Note: Rind kiwi chips is rated as a green dot, health-promoting food in our food rating system. The healthy qualities above are known to promote positive health and well-being if consumed as a part of a healthy diet.

Daily fruit intake depends on your individual health needs. Generally, 2-3 cups of fruit are recommended for a healthy diet for healthy adults. A 1/2 cup of dried fruit will make one serving of fruit.

One serving of this snack also provides about 3 grams of dietary fiber and 56 mg of vitamin C (60% of daily value). Vitamin C is known as a powerful antioxidant, and it’s the ability to boost the immune system. The soluble fiber in kiwi further helps promote digestion, heart health, and weight management.  

Everybody’s needs are different, and there is no perfect food that can meet all your body’s nutrient needs. So, you need to include foods from all food groups on a generally healthy diet (whole grains, whole fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, fish, beans, legumes, lentils, and dairy) with minimally added sugar, fat, salt, and other food additives.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this page is not medical advice. This can only be used as general guidance to a healthy and balanced diet for your health and wellness. This food does not ensure an adequate or inadequate and safe intake level for a single person. Please consult your healthcare provider and check out our Medical Nutrition Therapy services for the meal plan that is right for you!