No-Fry Thekua

No-Fry Thekua

No-Fry Thekua (High energy snack)

Thekua is a popular sweet snack in Bihar, India. This recipe is a healthy makeover of the traditionally fried Thekua. It was a trial, but I was surprised to find out that I did not miss the frying. And I definitely didn’t miss all the extra calories that comes with the frying process! It turned out crunchy, lighter, and still delicious. I do not think I will ever fry Thekua again. Try the recipe below for a delicious and energetic snack. It goes well with afternoon tea.  


Instructions: Wash and dry hands before cooking. Dry roast raw peanuts over low-medium heat. Let it cool. Dissolve sugar with water in a medium pan over medium heat until all sugar dissolves. Turn off the stove and let it cool. Put flours (whole wheat and chickpeas) in a medium bowl. Melt butter and add in the flour. Mix with hands well. Rub the peanuts with your hands to peel of the skin. Crush the clean peanuts coarsely in a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle. Add the crushed peanuts into the flour mixer and mix well with hands. Make a dough using the sugar water syrup. You can add more water as needed. Divide the dough into roughly 20 balls. Heat the oven to 375-degree Fahrenheit. Put some sesame seeds on a plain surface and flatten the balls over it on both sides to make a cookie shape, with sesame seeds covering both side. Oil a cookie sheet with 1 Tablespoon peanut oil and place the Thekua on the sheet. Oil the top of the Thekua with the rest of oil. Bake it for about 15-18 minutes total. Flip the Thekua in 8-10 minutes in to make sure both sides bake well. Enjoy and eat with confidence!

Recipe Profile: Sweet and healthy teatime snack, Vegetarian, Indian Cuisine

Nutrition and Therapeutic Health Benefits

This food is rated as a yellow dot, healthy balance in our food rating system (Food Coach) due to following healthy qualities that are known to promote positive health and well being if consumed as a part of a healthy diet.

  • Moderate in calories per serving
  • Healthy balance of fat
  • Healthy balance of saturated fat
  • Contain zero trans-fat.
  • Healthy balance of sodium
  • Healthy balance of total carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber
  • Healthy balance of added sugars
  • Good source of iron
  • No food additives, artificial flavor or color

In addition, this recipe provides about 1 oz equivalent of grains and protein of MyPlate. It is a good source of B vitamins (>10% DV). B vitamins are known to maintain energy level and brain function. This recipe also is an excellent source of Manganese (38% DV), and a great source of Selenium (20% of DV). Manganese and selenium are powerful antioxidants that help our bodies prevent from many diseases. Manganese is also known to regulate blood sugars and maintaining healthy bones when combined with nutrients, calcium, zinc, copper.  

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