Is beef jerky a healthy snack?

Is beef jerky a healthy snack?

Beef jerky can be found almost anywhere considering its one of the most popular convenience store items. Beef jerky can be known for high sugar contents, but also great on the go protein.

Chomps jerky sticks are a great shelf stable protein option for traveling and to keep on hand when that jerky craving kicks in. These chomps sticks are easy to keep in bags or in the draws for yourself or the kiddos. While this food does still rate as a red dot in our food system, which we will dive into in just a moment, chomps is a slightly healthier alternative to original beef jerky. Chomps uses grass fed and free range meat and yields a lower calorie per serving content. This food would pair great with some cheese and whole wheat crackers for a satisfying snack.

Chomps Food Coach Health Rating:

Original Chomps seems to have these healthy qualities:

  • Low in calories per serving
  • Healthy balance of fat
  • Contain zero trans fats. 
  • Healthy balance of total carbohydrates 
  • Healthy balance of added sugars
  • Healthy balance of protein 
  • Healthy balance of food additives 
  • No artificial flavor or color 

However, chomps do rate as a red dot on our food coach system. This is due to having the following unhealthy qualities that may have negative health effects if consumed unconsciously!

  • High in saturated fat
    • Food Coach recommends no more than 1-1.5 grams of saturated fat per 100-125 calories on a general healthy diet. Pay attention to the saturated fat in your diet as they tend to increase cholesterol levels in your body that can form the fatty acids in arteries and can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • High in sodium 
    • Food Coach recommends no more than 115 mg sodium per 100-125 calories on a general healthy diet.High sodium diet is believed to increase blood pressure which is a known risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
  • Low in fiber 
    • A diet rich in fiber is essential for keeping the digestive system healthy and to reduce the risk of heart problems, diabetes, and obesity. Our Food Coach recommends at least 1.4 grams of fiber (5% of daily value) per 100-125 calories on a general healthy diet.

It is also important to be aware that, this food is not a significant source of Calcium, iron, potassium or vitamin D. Make sure you get this nutrient in your diet from other healthy food sources and get some natural sunlight to help with your vitamin D intake.


Food Coach Recommendations: This food may be incorporated into your diet but should be consumed with caution to be in balance with your daily caloric and nutrients need. No one food is perfect so you need to include foods from all food groups on a general healthy diet (whole grains, whole fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, fish, beans, legumes, lentils and low fat dairy) with minimally added sugar, fat, salt and other food additives. Purchase our Medical Nutrition Therapy for the nutrition plan that is right for you! Use this coupon ( MNT20 ) to receive 20% off the services.

Written by: Mackenzie Merriman, Social Media & Nutrition Intern

Reviewed by Shraddha Chaubey, MS, RDN, CDN/LDN