Herbal Tea for Cold and Cough

Herbal Tea for Cold and Cough

Herbal Tea for Cold and Cough

This powerful therapeutic herbal tea can be very soothing and energetic to ease seasonal mild cold and cough. This tea is a Green Dot Rating with health promoting therapeutic benefits. This tea or its slight variation has been used for centuries in the treatment of cold and cough in traditional medicine. Gingerol the bioactive substance in fresh ginger can help lower the risk of infections. Holy basil promotes lightness in the body by cleaning the respiratory tract of toxins. Essential oils found in basil and cloves such as eugenol and camphor have strong antiseptic and anesthetic properties that fights many disease-causing organisms. Black pepper in the recipe provides added benefits to relive from sinusitis and nasal congestion with expectorant property to help break up the mucous phlegm deposition in the respiratory track. Honey is well known for its capacity to reduce cough symptoms. This potent drink also boosts energy and strengthen the immune system. However, for persistent cough and cold it is best to seek for some medical advice.

NutriPledge Food Rating: Green Dot | Health Promoting

Recipe Profile: Vegetarian, Gluten free, Herbal traditional medicine

Recipe Attribution: My late Grandmother

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