Frozen Healthy Cocktail Drink

Frozen Healthy Cocktail Drink

This healthy frozen cocktail drink is simple, delicious, kid-friendly, and with patriotic colors. If the adults want something a little more fun, then add a shot of vodka for a kick. Remember eating right is all about understanding the nature of food, its servings, and portion sizes.

This drink comes with these healthy qualities:

  • Low in calories per serving
  • Great source of dietary fiber
  • Contains zero fat, zero sodium, and no trans fat
  • No food additives, artificial flavor or color

However, this drink gets a Red Dot on our Food Rating System (Food Coach) due to having these unhealthy qualities that can have some negative health effects, if you have certain health conditions like diabetes or are generally watching added sugar in your diet.

  • High in total carbohydrates for its calorie level
  • Contains added sugar

Frozen healthy cocktail drink recipe: Ingredients


Blend frozen blueberries in a blender. Layer Shredded ice, frozen berries in a pretty glass then top with a scoop of raspberry sorbet. Enjoy and eat with confidence!

Recipe Profile: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free

Recipe Attribution: Inspired by cocktail lovers

Nutrition Profile and Therapeutic Health Benefits:

This drink provides 1/2 cup equivalent of daily fruit serving of MyPlate per serving. In addition, blueberries are considered a superfood with powerful antioxidants properties that offer many health benefits. For example, food with antioxidant properties is known to fight aging and cancer by reducing oxidative DNA damage.

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