Five-Minute Brown Sugar Coated Pecans

Five-Minute Brown Sugar Coated Pecans

Life can be sweet without sugar, but it sure gets a little sweeter with some added real sugars. However, the bitter truth of sugar is, no matter how you eat sugar, it will have inflammatory effects on your body. All you can do is eat it in a healthier way to minimize inflammation and blood sugar spikes in your body while enjoying the happy sweet taste of sugar.  

Food Rating and Therapeutic Health Benefits:

These sugar-coated pecans can sure make a healthier festive treat. They are moderate in calories per serving while a healthy balance in total carbs, fiber, and added sugars. Protein and fiber content in pecans should help to slow down blood sugar spikes. Pecans are also an excellent source of Manganese that comes with some antioxidant properties which may minimize the inflammation effect of added sugars in the body. However, this dish still gets a Red Dot in our food rating system (Food Coach) due to the high-fat content of pecans. Although, pecan fat is heart-healthy but still be mindful about your serving size if you are a weight watcher. Have a happy and healthy Diwali and upcoming holidays and all the festivities.

How to make sugar-coated pecans in 5 minutes:

You will need:

Preparation Method:

Roast the pecans in a pan on low heat for about a minute. Turn off the heat. Put sugar (1/2 cup) and water (1/4 cup) in a different pan on medium heat. Stir so that all the sugar dissolves and continue to stir until the sugar mixture is bubbling like flowers. Turn off the heat and add the sugar mixture carefully to the pecans and keep stirring to mix well. Sugar gets dry soon.

NOTE: Use ½ cup of sugar and ¼ cup of water. I have put ¼ cup of sugar in ingredients for more accurate nutrition information. You will lose approximately ¼ cup of sugar after it gets dry. Some of it will stick to the pecans and some will stay lost in the pan.

*Sugar mixture will be very hot. Pour that into the pecans pan very carefully with caution to avoid burns.

You can Print/View the full recipe card in the link below along with the nutrition fact label!

View Full Recipe Card Here

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