Are Bars Really as Bad as the Rep they Have?

Are Bars Really as Bad as the Rep they Have?

On Fridays we will introduce trending foods from all categories to help you eat in confidence!

This weeks food is Cliff Nut Butter Bars. I went into my pantry, closed my eyes and grabbed the first snack I came across. What better foods to talk about then the ones that are in our own homes that we enjoy consuming on a daily basis. As an athlete and student over the years this snack is of particular interest to me. I have become accustom to keeping bars in all my bags so when my hunger kicks in I know I have a trusty option by my side. However, as a nutrition major I have heard many times the added ingredients that can be in some bars, as well as the idea from many people my age that bars are full of carbs and or should replace their meals. While this can be the case sometimes, it does not mean all bars fall under this bad reputation.

Let’s dive in and see what the Cliff Nut Butter bars are all about.

Health Rating for Clif Nut Butter Bars – Flavor Chocolate and Peanut Butter

  • Moderate in calories per serving
  • Healthy balance of fat
  • Healthy balance of saturated fat 
  • Contain zero trans fat. 
  • Healthy balance of sodium 
  • Healthy balance of total carbohydrates 
  • Healthy balance of fiber 
  • Healthy balance of added sugars
  • Healthy balance of protein 
  • Healthy balance of food additives 
  • No artificial flavor or color

This delicious bar rates as a yellow dot on our food rating system. This indicates it can be part of a healthy balance along with consuming all your major food groups that we know to be part of a healthy diet. 

This Clif Nut Butter bar is moderate in calories per serving and has a healthy balance of fats while containing no trans fat. This bar is overall a healthy balance in most categories such as, carbs, fiber, protein and added sugar. However It is not a significant source of calcium, iron or vitamin D, so make sure that you are pairing this food with other healthy dietary sources that are rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamin D for a well rounded diet.

Take Aways:

The main take away about Clif Nut Butter Bars from our Food Coach is that this food may be incorporated into your diet but should be consumed with caution to be in balance with your daily caloric and nutrients needs. No one food is perfect so you need to include foods from all food groups on a general healthy diet (whole grains, whole fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, fish, beans, legumes, lentils and low fat dairy) with minimally added sugar, fat, salt and other food additives.

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Wondering about foods you eat on the daily, try out our food coach option on our website for yourself. you can input information straight from nutrition labels in your own home in a matter of 5 minutes or less you will have nutritious as well as non nutritious qualities of your favorite foods.

Disclaimer: Please note that this food rating is not medical advice. This can only be used as general guidance to a healthy and balanced diet for your health and wellness. This food does not ensure an adequate or inadequate and safe level of intake for a single person. Please consult your health care provider before following any diet plan to ensure your personal medical, nutritional needs. Thank you!

Written by: Mackenzie Merriman Nutrition Student & Intern


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