Do you know what your Ideal body weight is?

Welcome to the NutriPledge blog. I hope your 2010 has gotten a healthy start. Let us start the year of 2010 by making our health and wellness a priority. Let us take a moment from our busy lives and look at ourselves closely in front of a mirror. What do you find? 1) I look and feel fantastic? 2) I am a little overweight? 3) I think I am out of shape, I don’t look right or I don’t feel right and need to do something about it? Don’t we tell this to ourselves each and every day when we look at ourselves in front of a mirror? But, probably we haven’t done much about it and days are passing by and now we are in 2010. Fact of the matter is that if you are in either of the last two categories, you are among more than 190 millions of Americans. Statistic shows that obesity related diseases cost about $ 147 billion dollars in health care cost yearly. However, the good news is that most of us can get into category 1 with a little determination, effort, and help. Let’s not let this year passed by like many previous years. Let’s do something this year different by making our health and wellness our priority.

The very first step toward a healthy living is to understand what your ideal body weight (IBW) should be. It is a well known fact that our weight is well connected to overall our health and wellbeing. Both being underweight or overweight can be equally detrimental to health. Here is a simple calculation you can do on your fingertips to calculate your ideal bodyweight.

Men: 106 pounds for the first 5 feet and add 6 pounds for every inch thereafter. For example, IBW for a man 5 feet 11 inches tall is 172 pounds ( 106 + 6×11 = 106+66 = 172)

Women: 100 pounds for the first 5 feet and add 5 pounds for every inch thereafter. For example, IBW for a woman 5 feet and 3 inches tall is 115 lbs (100 + 5×3 = 100+15 = 115).

**10% can be added or subtracted to the final number to accommodate your body frame size.

Another reliable method to evaluate if your weight is in the right range is to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). A BMI can be calculated as: BMI = weight in kg / (height in m x height in m).

Normal BMI would be 18.5-24.9

If your IBW and BMI are in the right range, you are doing great and should continue to watch your weight and live a healthy life style. In my next blog I will discuss how to achieve or maintain your ideal body weight to promote your health and wellness.

Healthy regards,
Shraddha Chaubey, MS,RD,CD

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