10 ways NutriPledge can help you meet your goals

10 ways NutriPledge can help you meet your goals

10 ways NutriPledge can help you meet your goals

1. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Diet Plan: With any of our four MNT options we will perform a comprehensive assessment to evaluate your medical nutrition needs and create a science and evidence based personalized diet plan to improve your health and wellness. MNT is available for a variety of conditions including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and more. All of our plans come with a consulting session where our trained nutrition professionals will show you where you’re at and teach you personalized methods of eating better. Pledge with us today for the diet plan that is right for you!

2. Family MNT Plan: Up to four members of your family can take advantage of our family MNT plan for one low price.  Each person will be assessed individually and each will receive a personalized meal plan along with a nutrition consultation and follow-up session. Pledge for your family’s health!

3. General Diet Plan: Our general diet plans are developed as a low cost alternative to a personalized MNT plan. They will give you a good start to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Purchase it today and receive 30% off with coupon below!

4. Health and Wellness Classes: By popular demand currently we are offering nutrition secrets of weight loss in a group setting.  People local to the Greater Lafayette area should take advantage of this affordable and interactive class to make 2015 a healthy and happy new year.  Sign up today and receive 30% off with coupon below!

5. Health and Wellness Webinars: By popular demand our secrets to weight loss class is also available online for your convenience via a webinar with the same great information.  A good option for people who live too far away to take advantage of our classes! Sign up today and receive 30% off with coupon below!

6. NutriPledge Apple Score Test:  Our brand new tool to achieve healthy eating, “NutriPledge Apple Score test,” is a quick self-assessment of your current eating habits and lifestyle. It gives you an idea of your current eating habits and identifies the areas of improvement. It also provides suggestions on how to improve your health and wellness score. Take the test for free and receive 30% off any of our MNT plans using the coupon below!

7. Recipe Analysis: We can analyze your recipes using our state of the art scientific database and provide you with the nutrition facts.  We will rate your recipes using our one-of-a-kind food rating system to help you make healthy choices. We will also provide some nutritional tips on how to transform your favorite recipe to a healthier option. Get your recipe analyzed today for a healthier and happier you and receive 30% off with the coupon below!

8. Institution Plan: Healthy employees are essential to your business growth and success. Our institution plan offers a 15% discount to employers who purchase MNT plans for groups of 15 or more. Alternatively, we also offer a great lunch-and-learn program in person or online! Sign up today for healthy employees and get 30% off with the coupon below!

9. Newsletters: A great option for people who don’t want to purchase a service but still want to stay healthy. Get monthly tips and tricks, recipes, coupons, diet plans, and more! Register today for free newsletters!

10. Social Media: Follow us on facebook, twitter, google plus, or pinterest to stay in touch with the latest reliable information in nutrition, health, and wellness.

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